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    Elise was happily set up since the first brand in eyelashes in Indonesia around of 2000. The idea originated from the developing interest of synthetic eyelashes world-wide. Brought into this world away from our very own factory in Central Java, Elise produce large kinds of item making use of the highest quality of raw resources combined with good and seasoned craftmanship. Every single kind of the eyelashes were hand-made carefully with passion and love.

    We did start to bring in Elise to community marketplace by partnering up with classic shops in Jakarta, then became to provinces all over Indonesia. Right after acquiring wonderful responses and enthusiasm, we venture to few countries, like USA, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Poland, by partnering with neighborhood providers to assist deliver our merchandise around the world.

    In 2015, Elise expanded its distributions to modern retails across the nation, as the market evolves. We maintained to work alongside huge retail stores includingCarrefour and Hypermart, Boston Drugstores, Naughty, Giants, Foodmart, Lunadorii, Foodhall and Gramedia. In 2019, together with the transform of entire management, Elise was directed to possess stronger presences in several pillars, therefore we was able to develop to even more and bigger retail stores, like Guardian, Watsons, and Indomaret. Up to now, our submission stations are up to 16,000 stores across the country and checking. On the internet- smart, Elise has established its electronic digital footprints with getting established e-shops in best 10 E-commerces like Tokopedia, Shopee, and so forth, as well as possessing formal profiles in major and prominent social mass media software. We have been also firmly supported using our computerized advertising promotions.

    Motivated with the several character types of Indonesian women and cultures, we take those in pride into our product choices and improvements, when we realize that beauty is designed for everybody and this everybody is gorgeous. Beauty is not only what you see, but what you feel. Everything you sense equals your confidence and persona, and self-confidence is empowering. We believe as being a brand, there exists a part in empowering girls to appreciate their problems as individuality and to enjoy on their own by matching their appearance with this high quality products. Splendor is everywhere welcome, and to look nice is a form of self-admiration in addition to respecting your circle.

    To serve the large diversities in splendor, Elise gives the biggest selection of faux eyelashes, which will suit any shape and type of eyes. We currently identify our merchandise into 6 collection: Сlassic, Glamour, 3D, Tokyo, Pro and Monolid.

    Every range has its own difference, Classic Collection reveals natural inside the designs that you can go along with every day, whilst Tokyo Collection is something you would like to go along with to obtain a really natural appearance. Tokyo Collection is made with tapered- stop technology, when the fabric is highly processed a second time to really make it appearance as it is your organic lashes. We are the initial and the only one to obtain this innovative technological innovation in Indonesia.

    Glamour Sequence elevate your eye seem with increased volume level, while three dimensional sequence, which brings together 3 various patterns into 1, will give you extraordinary seem when you want it one of the most, especially on your special celebrations and days. Professional Collection is out there as to value the experts in the industry, devoted specifically for Makeup Musicians, collectors, or lovers. And Monolid Range is for a starter or perhaps a new end user and even for people with no lids who experienced that they will never at any time have the capacity to use synthetic lashes.

    Yet, once you take pleasure in your beauty, you will definitely get imaginative, and you could use any kind of our goods as you like. In your side, naturally, we’ll acquire more inclusion along the way when we carry on and try using the quality of our own merchandise with varieties and innovations.

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